Democrat Bob Menendez on Univision asked by Dominican Republic trips: ‘If we go frequently, it depends on what time. It’s a beautiful country, OK’

bob-menendez-democratDemocrat Bob Menendez is starting to sound more and more like Bill Clinton every day during the Monica Lewinsky stained blue dress scandal in the oval office. Menendez was asked by Spanish channel Univision Lourdes Meluzá if he visits “Dr. Melgen’s house in the Dominican Republic often.” At first Menendez claimed “No, no, no.” Then Menendez changed it to “If we go frequently, it depends on what time.”

Isn’t that kind of like Bill Cllnton’s ‘that depends on what the meaning of the word is, is?’

At the end of the interview with Lourdes Meluzá, a visibly frustrated Menendez snapped back: “It’s a beautiful country, OK.”

Menendez’s responses to Meluzá’s questions were much different than what the senator’s chief of staff Dan O’Brien told NBC News’ Michael Isikoff a couple weeks ago. O’Brien told Isikoff that Menendez visits Melgen’s villa in the Dominican Republic “about twice a year” and has done so for the past several years.
The senator’s staff told Isikoff then that they conducted an “exhaustive review of Menendez’s schedule.” Since that January 30 article though, Menendez and his staff have refused to publicly release those travel records.

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