Marco Rubio response to Obama State of the Union speech in English and Spanish – media hacks go nuts over water drinking, gulp (Video)

marco-rubioI’ll be looking forward to Marco Rubio’s first State of the Union speech in 2017. His response to Obama’s propaganda State of the Union speech tonight was great in my opinion. Sadly, the corrupt state run media is focussing on what Rubio did, rather than what he said. Marco Rubio had the nerve to actually drink a glass of Poland Springs water during his English response. Expect the media, and left wing ‘comedians’ to have a field day with this. Rubio’s water gulp will probably give the media and so called ‘comedians’ a week’s worth of material. Rubio even had some fun with ‘Watergate.’ Check out his Tweet:

Maybe if Rubio would have just picked his nose like Obama, the media wouldn’t have noticed it.

Below are Rubio’s speeches in English and Spanish. I’ll even include the water gulp just so you can see what leftists will be harping on for the next week.

English Rubio State of the Union response:

Spanish Rubio State of the Union response:

and the big nasty water gulp:

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