Associate Professor at Columbia Marc Lamont Hill found terrorist Chris Dorner to be a ‘real life Super Hero’ like watching ‘Jango Unchained’ and ‘exciting’ (Video)

democrat-commiesWant to know why the population is being dumbed down? Aside from the stupid reality shows that so many people are addicted to, there are ‘educators’ like Marc Lamont Hill. He is a Huffington Post propaganda writer, but more importantly an Associate Professor at Columbia. He usually appears on Fox News with Bill O’Reilly but this time was on CNN. The topic of discussion was how the left wing nuts in this country were cheering on Dorner as he went on his murder spree and eventually got BBQed. Marc Lamont Hill found Chris Dorner to be some sort of a ‘super hero’ and found his actions ‘exciting’ because it was like watching ‘Jango Unchained.’

Dorner and Hill once again prove that there are a lot of sick, demented, evil people in this world.

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