Jeremiah MacKay fourth deputy killed by leftist ‘SuperHero’ Chris Dorner – leaves behind wife and four month old baby

The fourth and final victim of left wing ‘superhero’ Chris Dorner has been identified. His name was Jeremiah MacKay, and he leaves behind a wife and four month old baby. Christina Gonzalez of Fox 11 in L.A. knew Jeremiah MacKay, and describes him as as a gentleman, a cop’s cop, and a kind human being, who will be missed by many.

Now, it’s his wife and four-month-old baby that will need the help. Mackay, the officer shot to death at the Dorner shootout as some are calling it, had been part of the search for former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner.

I’m sure leftists like Marc Lamont Hill are proud of this.

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