Mother of murderer Chris Dorner ‘Nancy’ spotted a La Capilla Mexican Restaurant in La Palma sipping wine, eat chips and salsa (Video)

democrat-logoNancy Dorner should be a proud momma. A women matching Nancy Dorner’s description was spotted at La Capilla Mexican Restaurant in La Palma yesterday afternoon, sitting a table eating chips and salsa, sipping on some white whine as she watched the shooting between her ‘alleged’ son and cops, that eventually lead to Chris Dorner burning to death. CBS2/KCAL9’s Michele Gile said a woman matching Nancy Dorner’s description was with a female friend at La Capilla Mexican Restaurant in La Palma around 3:30 p.m. Gile asked the woman if she knew Dorner and she shook her head no. Right after Gile left, she got nervous and started asking the bartender a bunch of questions. Later, Gile said she later went to Dorner’s home in La Palma. About 10 minutes after she arrived there, she saw the woman from the restaurant, who neighbors identified as Dorner’s mother, pull into the driveway and go in the house.

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