NBC Obama shill Matt Lauer to Boehner – Is he, in your opinion, the most inspirational African American living right now’ (Video)

nbcYou could just see the foam dripping down Lauer’s mouth as he interviewed Boehner and talked about his Messiah Obama. NBC is a 100% shill network for Obama. Matt Lauer is a typical NBC hack who licks Obama’s butt every change he gets. Lauer point blank asked Boehner if Obama is ‘the most inspirational African American living right now.’ He asked that question with a straight face. Lauer also asked another whopper. Matt Lauer asked Boehner this of his invited guest:

Could you blame them, though, if they’re not a little mesmerized by Barack Obama tonight?

I didn’t know Obama invited Chris Matthews and someone else from the media??!

I can think of several more inspirational African AMericans off the top of my head. Ben Carson comes to mind. There’s also Thomas Sowell, Mia Love, Clarence Thomas, Tim Scott, Larry Elder, Condoleezza Rice, etc. Shall I continue Lauer?

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