Carnival Triumph cruise ship finally docks in Alabama – CNN compares it to Hurricane Katrina

american-flag1As a person who has been on many cruises in his lifetime, which mostly include Carnival, all I can say is finally! The feces odored Carnival Triumph cruise ship has finally docked in Alabama four days after a fire in its engine room. Between what’s happened with Carnival and Costa lately, it makes me think twice of ever deciding to go on another cruise. They aren’t as fun as they used to be anyway. One of the first people to be let off the Carnival Triumph cruise ship will be a 6 month pregnant woman.

The media coverage of the ‘Carnival Triumph’ is nauseating. CNN compared it to Hurricane Katrina. The media frenzy over this is disgusting considered they paid no attention to Benghazi were four Americans actually died, and Obama didn’t even bother to make one phone on that night. No one died on this cruise ship, yet it’s so much more newsworthy than Benghazi?

If the Carnival Triumph was as bad as Hurricane Katrina as CNN wonders, does that mean we can blame global warming? Jeff Zucker is really doing a bang-up job over there at CNN these days.

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