Chuck Hagel gets bageled! Fails cloture vote 58-40 (1 present) (needed 60 votes)

chuck-hagel-jew-haterOy! The Jews must have done it! Chuck Hagel has failed to pass cloture in the Senate with a vote of 58-41. He needed 60 votes to advance to a full confirmation vote. Four worthless Republicans voted in favor of Hagel including Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, Mike Johanns and Thad Cochran. To you worthless ‘Republicans’ who voted in favor of Hagel, don’t think we wouldn’t forget it come primary time. RINO Orrin Hatch pulled an Obama and voted present.

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  • No Way

    Please wright down these names. Next election cycle is about to begin…

    • 学中文的美国男人

      Those 4 Republicans who voted for him are all Republicans. Better idea: Write the names of Democrats. If you elect 6 more Republicans, the Republicans will have the majority, and Hagel-like nominations won’t get confirmed. If you elect 4 more Democrats (the number of Republicans who voted for Hagel), the Democrats will have 4 more seats and it will be easier for them to confirm.