Drink we much? NBC race hustler Al Sharpton hack gulps water to mock ‘Mark Rubio’ – calls it ‘epic water fail’ ‘Zero Dark Thristy’ (Video)

al-sharptonIronic isn’t it? All the media could talk about of Obama’s propaganda laced SOTU speech was Marco Rubio’s during the drink water. Maybe they just don’t feel Latinos are allowed to drink bottled water in this country or something. Even NBC race hustler Al Sharpton tried to get in on the fun to mock as he called him ‘Mark Rubio.’ Yes, the same Al Sharpton of Tawana Brawley and ‘resist we much‘ fan actually tried to mock ‘Mark Rubio’ over Water-Bottle-Gate. Oh BTW Al, his name is Marco Rubio, not Mark Rubio.

MSNBC ran an astounding 155 stories on Water-Bottle-Gate while CNN ran 34.

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