Marc Lamont Hill who considers Chris Dorner’s killings ‘exciting’ and a super-hero makes an ass out of himself on O’Reilly Factor (Video)

democrat-logoJust remember, left wing scum like Marc Lamont Hill are teaching America’s young minds as an Associate Professor at Columbia University. Marc Lamont Hill appeared on the O’Reilly Factor with one of his best buds Bill O’Reilly to do damage control over yesterdays claim that Chris Dorner was a ‘super-hero’ and that his killing spree was ‘kind of exciting.’ O’Reilly tried to help out his buddy Hill, but couldn’t. Marc Lamont Hill is so arrogant, that he couldn’t even patch up the damage he did to himself. Hill continued to to whine about police brutality as an ‘excuse’ for Dorner’s action, and corruption in the LAPD. Maybe the LAPD is corrupt, but do leftists like Marc Lamont Hill think this justifies a killing spree like Dorner went on? All Hill could say was ‘IF i was insensitive to the victims families i’m sorry.’

Tell that to the four month old baby who’s father was killed by ‘super-hero’ Dorner.

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