NBC-MSNBC thrill up his leg Chris Matthews whines: Why did they dislike Hagel and love (Wayne) La Pierre? This reign of terror has to end

chris-matthews-thrill-up-his-legI guess thrill up his leg Chris Matthews isn’t happy that anti-Semite Chuck Hagel failed his cloture vote today. Someone, Hagel and NRA CEO Wayne La Pierre got thrown into the same mix by Matthews, with Tweety declaring:

I agree. The reign of terror must end. Problem is low information voters and idiots who actually watch Chris Matthews voted to re-elect Barack Hussein Obama, so the reign of terror goes on.

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  • No Way

    Hey, trill-up-your-ass troll, why don’t you eat your own shit and get lost.

  • http://www.facebook.com/steve.brent.5059 Steve Brent

    this faggot is the most delusional metrosexual I have ever heard. Who watches this shit. Hey dad can I watch hardball? Fuck no kid, back in the basement, fool.

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