Principal Andre Pearson of Mission Viejo Elementary school in Aurora Colorado bans white kids from after-school tutoring program

square-large-looneyImagine if you will. A principal at ANY school in any state banned black or Hispanic kids from an after-school tutoring program. But since Principal Andre Pearson of Mission Viejo Elementary school banned white kids, it’s really not much of a news story. A local CBS station in Denver covered this blatant case of racism from Andre Pearson, but no where else it seems is interested. The principal Andre Pearson at Mission Viejo Elementary in Aurora sent a letter telling parents the program is only for students of color.

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  • welldoneson

    the media…

    • helpusnow

      I have “YET” to hear one single word from the MAJOR media outlets reporting on this issue, perhaps there ARE NONE conservative enough left… but they can sure report just about EVERYTHING ELSE, aka HOLLYWOOD, GLAM and when Kate and the PRINCE will be “welcoming” their little one! SICKENING, very disgusting, and absolutely absurd!!!!

  • No Way

    How about banning Mr.Pearson from entering Mission Viejo Elementary school? How about a boot in his fat behind? How about a spit in his ugly face?

  • Norman Turner

    Just as I suspected. Mr. Pearson is black.

  • Mike Heuer

    Will be interesting to see if the school board chooses to keep this guy as the school principal. Smart thing would be to suspend pending review and then fire him if a review board so chooses, appoint an interim principal in the meantime and put it all in the past.

    • onemadmom

      the past is exactly what has gotten the USA in such a lame situation. HISTORY may repeat, with one exception, the COLOR OF YOUR SKIN, idiot!!!!! Obviously you are a bleeding heart LIBERAL, DEMO-RAT lovers too, have to wonder if it would be “quite as simple” if perhaps you had a real child, instead of the freaking CAT, oops… that sounds a bit like RAT, I DO BELIEVE!!!!

    • twinmakermama

      to answer your question, google this dufus’ “letter of apology!” Of course, he will keep HIS job… he will continue his path of distruction and very people that will “SUPPORT” him… will be the liberal, bleeding heart, WHITE folks TOO!!!!! It’s the “nature” of the beast!!!!!!!

  • Jennifer-Aaron Campbell

    I gotta know, where is the ACLU? I would have assumed if this was a white principal saying the tutoring was for only white kids, the ACLU would have a civil lawsuit on his butt in no time flat.

    • twinmakermama

      not that “anyone” would really want that bunch of thugs, aka, ACLU around, however… to simply say it, “THIS CHILD HAPPENED TO BE THE “WRONG” color” for the ACLU to “involve” themselves! There you have it, plain and simple…. HE IS BLACK, HE IS THE RACIST, and what HE SHOULD BE is “unemployed!” He’s a biggot, as is the ACLU!!!! If this had been a “child of BLACK color” the THUGS, BO, MO, OPRAH, SHARPTON, JACKSON, and JO BIDEN too would have swoomed ALL OVER THIS!!!!! HYPOCRITES, old fashioned biggoted HYPOCRITES!!!!! And the sad thing… “they” are ALL just getting started, too!

  • eastofcolmts.

    YES folks… stop sugar coating this situation, he’s black, the child was WHITE yet the white child’s mother will be portrayed as the whining, biggot, with a BIG MOUTH WHITE KID!!!!!! HE IS A RACIST, clearly… JOE BIDEN tried his BEST to tell WHITE FOLKS THE TRUTH… this liberal ADMINISTRATION WILL NOT BE ANYWHERE NEAR “SITISFIED” until “THEY PUT US BACK IN CHAINS” sadly, we have bleeding heart idiots like JO AND BO, not to mention HILL AND BILL, who “KNOW” their kids are HAVE ALL GROWN UP NOW, with the BEST “private educations available” and now… well NOW they are coming for you earnings, your three year olds, you guns, and well that just about LEAVES THE WHITE IDIOTS WHO ACTUALLY VOTED for this bunch of goofy less than honest pathetic group of “MISFITS” whom God bless her soul, even Mrs. MARTIN LUTHER KING JR” would NOT surround herself with, she actually HAS FAR TOO MUCH CLASS and dignity, to do so, welp….. GUESS WHAT ALL Americans are left with folks?????? SOME BABBLING BAFOONS, worthless, disgusting BIGOTS who will literally REWRITE AMERICAS HISTORY!!!!!!!! WAKE UP and smell the poop!!!!!

    • teachforlife

      Yes, I really must concede that unfortunately, bigots, racist, and a few other choice words would likely fail to accurately depict these folks! TRUE and WELL SAID!!!!! I agree…. this is OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!!

    • teachone@hme

      my feeling, exactly!!!!

      Does he actually even know the defination of DISCRIMINATION? REALLY????? OMG, and these are the people who are “LEADING AMERICA’S FUTURE?” OMG…..

  • imatornadomama

    This the sort of “educators” who claim in their government MISSION STATEMENTS to be “your partner in education?” If you have feedback, let’s talk? Oh my goodness, this seems like EXACTLY the type of character Mr. Obama and Mrs. Obama, not to mention the incompentant “billyjobiden” want light skinned “crackers” to entrust “our” children with! Ridicious and Outrageous, this man needs to become an instant “welfare” recipient! No questions asked, IT IS IN BLACK and WHITE, he said it, he forwarded home, and HE MEANT IT! The ONLY regrets this dufus has, is that folks from all over the COUNTRY have “learned” how truly racist HE is and HE IS BLACK! He regrets getting CAUGHT!!!! The “melting pot” has been OVERFLOWING with such tactics from the opposite “people of color” for many many years now, and THAT MY FRIENDS is EXACTLY what this “governmental administration” has literally set out to achieve, aka: Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama! Mrs. Bangs is without a doubt “laughing her wide backside off” she loves this! There isn’t a first lady anywhere NEAR The White House, these people are Chicago’s finest, when it comes to ONE THING, which obviously is to be ON A MISSION to destroy everything and everyone who isn’t so “accepting, tolerant, and let’s not dare forget, people of the RIGHT colour!” How dare true AMERICANS sit back and peacefully “co-exist” with such HYPOCRITES?
    Remember Trayvon Martin…. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the entire slew of scum bags were ALL OVER THAT mess, and please do remember Andrew Zimmerman WASN’T anywhere nearly as “colorless” as this child was!!!
    THIS man, I can’t refer to him as a MR. (PEARSON) NEEDS to be the poster PRINCIPAL, make the example out of HIM… or without any doubt at ALL, many, many OTHERS will FOLLOW HIM!!!!
    ZERO TOLERANCE sounds appropriate, for this law breaking, insulting, pure and simple STUPID leader! Sounds far toooo familiar, in-fact SOUNDS exactly like the DEMOCRATIC PARTY!!!
    Boot to the Welfare Office, perhaps he would be much better suited for that LINE OF EMPLOYMENT to begin with!!!!

  • MomB

    I think some things need to be clarified in regards to this situation. I am a parent at Mission Viego Elementary. My daughter is 11 years old and has participated in this tutoring program. The parent that decide to slander Mr.Pearson’s name is not only ignorant, but doesn’t have her facts straight. This program is NOT designed only for kids of color or ethnic backrounds. When my daughgter participated, there were kids in the program that were NOT of color. Mr.Pearson has good intentions and never meant any harm or meant to offend anyone. Ignorance is bliss, and too many people these days jump the gun to open their mouth and form opinions on something they thought made sense to them, before approaching the situation as an adult and a parent and truly getting the root of the issue. Mr.Pearson is NOT prejudice, nor is he a racist in any way. Infact, he is a great principal, that strives daily to help the kids in his school succeed…ALL OF THEM! How dare that mom slander his name as she has done. What a shame.

    • anothermadmama

      Apparently “YOURS,” regardless of ethnicity was “allowed” to participate, I find it a MOST “ignorant” comment, certainly coming from a person such as “yourself” so willing to “side” with this biggotted principal. THE FACTS OF THIS MATTER speak VOLUMES…. and are much more unbiased, that are yours! WHY in the world would this MOTHER or ANYONE ELSE, for that matter simply chose to “pick on this poor, pitiful, racist, PRINCIPAL, mam?” Obviously YOU are NOT quite so “trustworthy” as you appear to opine on this ISSUE… YOURS WAS INCLUDED, not EXCLUDED, or that’s what you are attempting to represent, HOWEVER… perhaps YOU failed to READ the letter this “man” forwarded HOME… at least THIS TIME YOU DID! Further, if you feel ignorance is bliss, apparently you do NOT have too much “respect” for “OUR” so called “equality in the educational process!” I have to ask you… what if this same situation happened TO YOU … AS AN ADULT, in the work place, mam? I’m placing BETS you’d be amongst THE FIRST FEMALE to file a discrimination suit, or at the very least HARRASSMENT! You apparently had someone “hit a nerve” with you, and you begain DOING EXACTLY what “you” have accused “others” of doing to this thug! PUKE… you are a HUGH part of these problems… NOT A SOLUTION, the way MOSt folks see it, like it or not. READ, get INFORMED, BE EMPOWERED with the KNOWLEDGE, prior to all the name calling, slanderer YOU ARE!!!! For the love of Heaven, this man has only been at the PRINCIPAL status for three years, therefore it would be most impractical that “YOU BE SO JUDGMENTAL AND BIASED” regarding these individuals!!!!
      I “pity” bleeding hearts like you… your doing NOTHING more than appeasing the APPEASED. IN OTHER WORDS…. YOU GOT WHAT “YOU” NEEDED OR perhaps WANTED FOR YOURS, but no, no , no… that’s unacceptable for OTHER WHITE COLORED CHILDREN. Do you accidentally HAPPEN to know that WHITE is actually A COLOR TOO?????
      SHAME ON YOU, what a SHAME INDEED!!!!!

    • notaratmom

      and… MomB, what is your “skin color,” or are you just that much of “LIBERAL?”

  • southernlady

    Remember THESE LAWS are Federally Mandated ONES… whos “watch” did this happen on??? Oh… that’s right Mr. ALL INCLUSIVE, and JUSTICE FOR ALL “AMERICANS” regardless of race, creed, etc…. I’m watching to see how the STATE of COLORADO’S DIGNATARIES DEAL WITH THIS gross abuse, and to word it similar to THE JESSE JACKSONS… “misuse” only this isn’t MONEY… it’s our CHILDREN, folks!

  • southmouthcomedy

    Colorado HAS to be the second most “liberal” state on the entire planet, “only” second to California! I find this simply AMAZING… first the state legalizes Ole Mary, Second, the folks with more/less color pigment in their skin “allow” the principal’s of COLOR to BAN ten year old white children from classes, offered to “children of color only,” and… now I’m reading that the folks in this pathetically, comical state has sooo many Democrates, soon their SECOND AMMENDMENT RIGHTS will taken from ya too! HA HA… you folks are QUICKLY becoming more and more “enslaved” with each PASSING day, not to mention THE LAUGHING STOCK, much liken to Goofy, foolish, WHITE AS RICE Jobobiden, HIMSELF!!!! A comedian’s DREAM, NO THANKS TO YOUR MOUNTAINS!!! I take the hills over ignorance …. EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!!!! PITIFUL, Pitiful, pitiful!!!! : – (

  • GAWZ

    I would have gotten video footage of them denying my child this tutoring service..and then I would have gotten a lawyer and cashed in.