Boxer Manny Pacquiao cancels September bout with Juan Manuel Marquez – will no longer fight in America thanks to Obama-Democrats taxes

democrat-commiesSo now Las Vegas will lose a ton of revenue and tourism due to Boxer Manny Pacquiao deciding not to fight Juan Manuel Marquez in September at the MGM. Why? Because Manny Pacquiao doesn’t want to pay the higher taxes that Obama and the Democrats got on New Year’s Day. From now on, Pacquiao will only fight outside of the this country, thanks to high taxes. Leftists will probably whine about how much Pacquiao is worth, and makes per fight, but lets look at it’s real impact.

With no fight and the MGM in September, the city of Las Vegas and State of Nevada will lose out on a ton of revenue from the lack of fight hype. Any fight that Manny Pacquiao does have in the future will be outside this country, and Vegas. This means less dollars flowing into the economy for the poor and middle class. I hope you leftists are proud of yourselves.

Boxer Manny Pacquiao has shocked the sports with the announcement that he will no longer fight in Las Vegas — or any U.S. city, for that matter — because federal taxes have become too burdensome.

Obviously, this means he won’t be fighting Juan Manuel Marquez in September at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas as originally planned.

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