Juan Williams claims Mary Katherine Ham doesn’t care about victims of gun violence – gets destroyed (Video)

juan-williams-far-left-crankJuan Williams is such a choad and his schtick is getting very old. Appearing on Fox News this morning with Mary Katherine Ham, he accused Ham of not caring about victims of gun violence. You know, the same, typical liberal guilt tactics they always use to try and push their point. Juan Williams is the same idiot who defended Chris Dorner and licks Obama’s butt anytime he can. Mary Katherine Ham was on fire and completely obliterated Williams:

Why people came to Juan Williams defense after NPR kicked him to the curb I’ll never know.

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  • amazingoly

    Most Fox viewers, including me, have had enough of Juan Williams and I won’t watch the “5” when he is on the show. Don’t renew his contract.

  • Teapartyguardian

    Mary Katherine showed her passion and frustration with the poison that is liberalism. People have had enough of the insanity, whether it’s stupidity or intentional(most likely), coming from the left. Won’t be long now….

  • http://www.facebook.com/steve.brent.5059 Steve Brent

    conservative women = hot and very smart liberal men = fugly and stupid. when ol juan was fired from pbs only conservatives stood up for him. the mind of a liberal is truly astounding