Maria Bartiromo shreds corrupt former Democrat Rep. Barney Frank (Video)

Barney-Frank-Jail-Justice2The segment started out as a big Elizabeth Warren lovefest. CNBC, despite being a ‘business’ channel is as left wing as it gets (except for Larry Kudlow.) Maria Bartiromo exposed her left wing biases last year during the GOP primary debates. But Bartiromo is never afraid to back down from corrupt leftists in government. The Warren lovefest turned into a shooting match between Maria Bartiromo and corrupt former Rep. Barney Frank. The interview should have been conducted from Frank’s jail cell as the crook should be behind bars. But because he had the Washington DC firewall, he got away with everything.

Barney Frank did what he does best. Filibuster, spit, whine, and insult Bartiromo.

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