Obama not only vacations separately from his wife he also is flying in The Harmons, Butch and son Claude III – $1,000 per hour golf instructors on your tax dollar

obama-kingputHey, why not. Obama can get away with it, people were stupid enough to re-elect this clown, so have fun. Not only is are the Obamas going on separate vacations this weekend (Barry to Florida and Moochelle to Colorado), but Barry Obama is also flying in Butch Harmon and son Claude III Harmon to give Obama ‘golf lessons.’ The Harmon’s hourly rate is $1,000. But what does Obama care, he isn’t paying for it, YOU ARE.

Anyway, enjoy yourself, Mr. President. According to “Golf Digest,” Harmon’s hourly rate is $1,000 an hour. So it sounds like you’re, uhm, “doing fine.” And don’t feel bad for those of us in the 99%. We’re also “doing fine.” We might be all out of hope, but we still have a little change and those food stamps.

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