But it’s the right wing blogs! FBI investigating Democrat Bob Menendez for prostitution allegations

bob-menendez-democratWait! I thought the underage prostitution allegations against New Jersey Democrat Bob Menendez were just some smear from right wing blogs like Daily Caller? I guess not since the FBI is now investigating the ‘right wing smear’ of prostitution allegations against Menendez. Nothing has been proven yet, and as of now Menendez is still innocent until proven guilty.

This news vindicates the reporting earlier from the Daily Caller, although it doesn’t yet prove that Menendez is guilty of these allegations.  This story broke in the fall when Matthew Boyle (now with Breitbart) first reported on the anonymous tipster and interviewed two of the alleged prostitutes.  Menendez claimed that the story was invented by “right-wing blogs,” and other news outlets didn’t report on it — at least not until Menendez’ interventions on Melgen’s behalf with the Dominican Republic and Medicare got uncovered.

Now that the corruption scandal has finally become a sex scandal in the mainstream media, how long can Menendez hang on? 


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