FORE! King Putt Obama goes golfing for record 114th as President – flies in and ‘plays a few holes’ with $1,000/hr golf instructor Butch Harmon

king-putz1Obama flew in Butch Harmon. He is famous for being Tiger Woods’ golf coach in 1993 before Woods became famous (for things other than golf.) Butch Harmon’s golf lessons typically run $1,000 per hour, and Obama played a ‘few holes’ with Harmon today in Florida while his wife Michelle Obama and kids are off frolicking in the snow in Colorado. Obama had his usual all male golf game today with a ‘sixsome’ including some pal he brought with him to Florida who lives in Chicago.

Playing with the president today were U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk and Obama’s Chicago buddy Eric Whitaker, both of whom regularly accompany Obama on the fairways. Also tagging along were Tony Chase, a Houston attorney and Obama fundraiser, Jim Crane, a Houston businessman who owns the Houston Astros and the Floridian, and Milton Carroll, another Houston businessman who is chairman of CenterPoint Energy.

Meanwhile, two F-16 jets escorted a small plane today away from the no-fly zone established around the Floridian, according to CBS. The jets forced the Cessna 152 to land around noontime.

Today marks the third time Obama has golfed in 2013 – he played twice in Hawaii last month – and the 114th time he has played since becoming president.

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