Idiots in Downtown Los Angeles gather to decry the death of murderer Christopher Dorner (video)

square-large-looneyLeave it to the land of fruits and nuts. People gathering, protesting, and decrying the death of a murderer of four innocent people Christopher Dorner. About 200 loons were expected at the ‘protests’ in favor of Dorner.

“We’re protesting some of the police brutality — not just LAPD, but all over the nation,” Lomita resident and Marine veteran Vincent Namm told CNS. “With Chris Dorner, habeas corpus just got thrown out the window.”

“It’s like they [the police] were judge, jury and executioner. Of course, if the police are those three things, we have something called a police state,” he said, adding, “They didn’t seem like they were even interested in apprehending him.”

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