Scary stuff – Department of Homeland Security now armed with enough ammo for a 24 Year-Long Iraq War to use on it’s own citizens

obama-faceWhile leftists, Democrats and media continue to whine about people daring to exercise their second amendment rights and arm themselves, something very scary is going on Obama’s Department of Homeland Security that’s gone un-reported. The DHS has been accumulating massive amounts of ammunition over the past several months. They are now at a point where they have enough ammunition that would be needed to conduct a 24 year long war in Iraq. Is the government is buying the vast amounts of ammo to prepare for the collapse of our financial system and our society as Mark Levin suggested? Obama’s Homeland Security Department has purchased 1.4 billion rounds of ammunition in just the last 6 months!

Something very strange is going on here, and the media as usual is AWOL in reporting on this.

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