What the Zuck? Facebook earns over $1 billion in profit in 2012 – pays no taxes and even gets a tax refund totaling $429 million

goofy-hussein-obamaIt’s good to be in bed with Obama, Chris Christie and other politicians isn’t it? Like GE a few years ago, after earning over a billion in profit in 2012, Facebook doesn’t have to pay any taxes. In fact, The owners of Facebook actually received a tax refund totaling $429 million. After 77% of regular, every day Americans saw a tax hike at the start of 2013 thanks to Obama’s obsession with raising taxes, Facebook not only escapes taxes, but even gets money back from the gov. Something isn’t right here. Of course,  this explains why Facebook censors thinks like Chris Dorner’s left wing praising manifesto, but allows pages of ‘Kill Sarah Palin’ to continue.

In the coming years, Facebook will continue to more huge tax breaks, totaling about $3 billion. Funny how the higher tax crusading leftists never complain about this.


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