How unfunny – Saturday Night Live mocks Jesus with ‘DJesus Uncrossed’ in violent, bloody act (Video)


People wonder why I haven’t watched Saturday Night Live since the early 1990’s. Well, here is a perfect example. They have always been left wing biased, but it generally was all in good nature. When Dana Carvey used to mock George H.W. Bush, it was funny, not nasty. But the main reason I haven’t bothered watching Saturday Night Live in 20 years is simply because I don’t find it funny. Here is an example of their ‘humor.’

DJesus Uncrossed with blood, gore, and other vile visualizations.


20 years ago, it was ‘in’ to bash and make fun of Jews. Now, it’s ‘cool’ to bash and make fun of Christians. Never will you see these liberal hacks dare mock a Muslim.

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