What to do the top 10 cities with highest gun-related homicides per 100,000 people have in common?

barrelofgunThe top 10 cities in America with the highest gun-related homicides per 100,000 are as follows:
New Orleans, Detroit, Baltimore, Oakland, Newark, St. Louis, Miami, Richmond VA, Philadelphia and Washington D.C.

Do you notice a pattern with these cities? These are all leftist Democrat controlled cities that are cesspools of America. Do you notice something else with these cities? 8 of the 10 cities are in states (or in DC’s case territory) that voted for Obama this past November.

How about the top ten cities with the highest gun related deaths by 100,000 people?

New Orleans, Detroit, Las Vegas Nevada, Miami, Baltimore, St. Louis, Richmond VA, Memphis, Cleveland, Philadelphia.

Again, see if you notice a pattern here. All these cities are leftist Democrat cesspool (most of the same cities from top gun related homicides), and 7 of the 10 cities are located in states that voted for Obama.

So tell me again leftists how those evil second amendment supporters are the problem in the whole ‘gun violence’ debate, but not the way cities are run, or how criminals will evade whatever gun laws there are to do whatever they plan to do.

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