What’s in your wallet? Leftist, Obama supporter, Capital One spokesman Alec Baldwin has racial meltdown allegedly calls New York Post black G.N. Miller photographer ‘Coon, Crackhead, Drug Dealer’

square-large-looneyWhat’s in your wallet? Capital One continues to let this crazy Alec Baldwin represent them and their ‘venture card.’ Will this latest bout of ‘alleged’ racism and threats to a female be the last straw? Don’t bet on it. Even with the reports that Alec Baldwin called a black, New York Post photographer a ‘coon’ and ‘crackhead, drug dealer,’ Baldwin will still probably continue to represent Capital One. Oh, and if that wasn’t bad enough, he ‘allegedly’ threatened a New York Post female reporter by grabbing her by the arm and saying: “I want you to choke to death.” Typical leftist mental instability on display one again.

The New York Post played an audio recording of the incident to the NYPD, hopefully that leaks out so it can go viral.

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