Another dumb Colorado Democrat Rep. Paul Rosenthal – instead of guns, use the ‘buddy system’ to protect yourself against rape (Video)

democrat-logoJoe Salazar may be Todd Akin, but another dumb Colorado Democrat Rep. named Paul Rosenthal may be Richard Mourdock. You see, women don’t need guns to protect themselves from rapists, despite what the concealed carry chart shows. Instead, women should use ‘safe zones,’ ‘whistles,’ ‘call boxes,’ or as Paul Rosenthal suggested, the buddy system. Seriously! Democrat Rep. Paul Rosenthal advice to women to protect themselves is ‘use the buddy system.’ He also offered up a bunch of other stupid ideas such as ‘judo’ to protect themselves.

I know in Colorado that one of their favorite delicacies is Rocky Mountain oysters, aka fried bull’s balls, but the brain rot in that state is becoming unbearable. A once great state like Colorado is becoming equally as lame, if not worse than California and New York.

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