‘Broke’ US Postal Service to waste $2.2 million tax dollars on San Francisco conference

goofy-hussein-obamaSo what is the US Postal Service is ‘broke?’ That doesn’t actually mean that they need to get their spending under control or anything stupid like that right? I mean, they still suck on the teet of the taxpayer, so why not spend another $2.2 million tax dollars on a conference in Little Moscow aka San Francisco?

Documents obtained by local California TV station KTVU reveal that Postal Service will end up spending $2.2 million on the four-day National Postal Forum conference at the Moscone Center in March.

KTVU reports that between travel, exhibit space and other aspects of the trip will cost the postal service $2.2 million. There will also be workshops, golf, a dance party, music entertainment, and a taste of San Francisco banquet, according to the report.

USPS explained to KTVU that the Forum will help to make money by creating future business, claiming that last year the Forum conference in Orlando generated $73,000 for each dollar they spent.

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