Colorado Democrat State Senator Jesse Ulaberri – women don’t need to defend themselves with guns, they should use ‘ballpoint pens’ (Video)

democrat-logoI’m just dumbfounded at Colorado. How in the hell did this once great state elect such idiotic anti second amendment left wing nut jobs? You’d expect crap like this from California or New York or Vermont, but Colorado? Democrat State Senator Jesse Ulaberri is yet another anti second amendment radical. Like Joe Salazar and Paul Rosenthal, Jesse Ulaberri doesn’t believe women are capable of defending themselves with guns. Instead, Ulaberri has a better idea for women to protect themselves. They should simply use ballpoint pens. Check out the following video from Revealing Politics, and try not to throw up.

As usual, Jesse Ulaberri uses Gabby Giffords to try and make his ballPOINT. I’m literally speechless at how clueless people in Colorado have become electing idiots like these.

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