Fox News leftist Bob Blob Beckel on college campus date-rape – ‘Are you going to take your gun out and shoot your date?’ (Video)

bob-beckel-idiotNothing will ever get Bob the Blob Becked fired by Fox News. He routinely cusses on air, threatens women, calls Jews ‘diamond merchants’ and now is a defender of date rape on college campuses. The Five has become a popular show replacing Glenn Beck. I refuse to watch it simply because I can’t stand Beckel. Blob Beckel whined again during an argument on gun control. When the topic turned the college campus date rape Beckel proved as clueless as he was when he ran Walter Mondale’s campaign in 1984. He had no idea that rapes occur on campus and then defended the rapist when confronted by the panel by saying: ‘Are you going to take your gun out and shoot your date?’

The only reason why I guess Fox News keeps this bloated pig around is to make leftists look like the idiots they are. Otherwise, I can’t explain it.

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