Joe Biden tells women it’s too hard for them to aim a AR-15 so buy a double barrel shot gun (Video)

joe-biden-dumbassJoe the Biden strikes again. The leftist war on women rages on, with Biden telling women that they aren’t good enough to aim an AR-15 to protect themselves. Since they are women they need to get a double barrel instead.

“Buy a shotgun. Buy a shotgun.”

Not the first time he’s touted the benefits of shotgun ownership lately either. As goofy as it is, I think this is actually kinda sorta effective at blunting the “gun-grabbing” critique liberals naturally face whenever they get itchy about “assault weapons.” Here’s the vice president of the United States encouraging you to go on out and get yourself a 12-gauge, just like the one he’s got. Why? Because it’s easier to aim and use than an AR-15, which … I’m pretty sure isn’t true, but whatever. Just buy a shotgun. Buy a shotgun. That way, if ever you snap and head off on a killing spree, the death toll will be limited. Unless you bring a bag of shells with you and reload quickly, I guess. In which case, who knows?

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