Rocky Mountain stupidity – University of Colorado Springs offers 10 tips if you are attacked by a rapist – includes ‘passive resistance’


On the heals of yesterday’s Democrat State Rep. Joe Salazar’s Todd Akin like comment about women not needing to protect themselves with guns because sometimes women just ‘Feel Like They’re Going To Be Raped,’ The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs has released a list of 10 tips for women who may be victims of a rapist. One of the college’s ‘tips’ includes ‘passive resistance.’ Taee a look at their list:

What To Do If You Are Attacked
These tips are designed to help you protect yourself on campus, in town, at your home, or while you travel. These are preventative tips and are designed to instruct you in crime prevention tactics.

Be realistic about your ability to protect yourself.
Your instinct may be to scream, go ahead! It may startle your attacker and give you an opportunity to run away.
Kick off your shoes if you have time and can’t run in them.
Don’t take time to look back; just get away.
If your life is in danger, passive resistance may be your best defense.
Tell your attacker that you have a disease or are menstruating.
Vomiting or urinating may also convince the attacker to leave you alone.
Yelling, hitting or biting may give you a chance to escape, do it!
Understand that some actions on your part might lead to more harm.
Remember, every emergency situation is different. Only you can decide which action is most appropriate.

Urintiing, vomiting, biting? Sounds an awful lot like an Occupy Wall Street camp. It sure didn’t stop the rapes there. Can we call University of Colorado Springs the Richard Mourdock of colleges?

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