The latest excuse for Adam Lanza massacre – he emulated violent video games, so a Connecticut REPUBLICAN DebraLee Hovey wants a ‘sin tax’ of 10%

rino-republicansRemember, it’s never the actual killer who is responsible for their actions, it’s always someone else or something else’s fault. The latest Adam Lanza massacre excuse is that Lanza was trying to emulate violent games. So what do Connecticut legislators want to do now? Add a 10% ‘sin tax’ to video game purchases. They may sound like a typical leftist Democrat idea, but it actually comes from a Republican Debralee Hovey. One of the video games being blamed is of course Call of Duty. Debralee Hovey is apparently your typical northeastern ‘republican’ who is really a leftist Democrat under the Republican banner. Considering Democrats are the ones who want to tax everything whether it moves or not, and that Connecticut is controlled by Democrats, this bill might actually become law.

Millions of people in this country play the so called ‘violent’ video games every day, and do go out emulating the game by shooting people in real life. I’ve played Call of Duty myself, but never really cared for it. I’m more of a Grand Theft Auto person myself.

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