Irony! NBC owned Universal Studios Orlando will cut health care benefits for part-time workers at end of the year because of ObamaCARE

nbcSucks ro be part time workers at NBC owned Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Thanks to ObamaCare, they will be losing their health care benefits all because of ObamaCARE.

Universal Orlando is, of course, a division of NBCUniversal, the parent company of NBC and its cable network sister MSNBC. As we have quite exhaustively documented, MSNBC is an enthusiastic cheerleader of all things Obama, including his policy positions such as ObamaCare. It remains to be seen to what extent NBC News and MSNBC will report this story.

Universal Studios Orlando is one of the largest employers in central Florida, and reportedly has 17,000 part time workers who will be affected thanks to ObamaCARE. Don’t worry though. Brian Williams, Chris Matthews and Ed Schultz will get their full benefits though.

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