Muslim Ali Syed goes on shooting spree in Los Angeles – kills four including himself, gets very little media coverage

ksmjk0Remember when the media actually reported shooting sprees? Sandy Hook, The Sikh Temple in Wisconsin, Aurora, etc. Those mass shooting were all done by crazy pasty white male nutjobs, so it warranted news coverage. In Los Angeles (actually Orange County) yesterday, a Muslim by the name of Ali Syed went on a shooting spree himself, killing himself, and three other people. Ali Syed also injured several other people in what some media reported to be an ‘unusual’ shooting spree. Umm, excuse me, but what shooting spree isn’t unusual? Is it because the shooter was a Muslim instead of a pasty white boy that made it unusual? Did Ali Syed yell Allahu Ackbar before he shot people? Not like the media would ever investigate to find out.

Also, this happened in California, you know another one of those ‘tough’ gun law states? FeinsteinVille?

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