Obama-Janet Napolitano’s TSA now harassing 3 year old girls Lucy Forck in wheelchairs – threatening mother (Video)

janet-napolitano_0Here is yet another disgusting video courtesy of Obama and Janet Napolitano’s TSA actions. As usual, it got little, if any play in the corrupt lap dog state run media. Lucy Forck, a 3 year old wheelchair-bound girl with spinal bifida was harassed by the TSA. The parents, who were flying from St. Louis to Orlando to go to Disney World were even threatened by the TSA scumbag fondling poor Lucy Forck. The parents, Nathan and Annie Forck were told by the TSA gropper that they weren’t allowed to photograph what the TSA was doing to their daughter Lucy. Is this another part of Obama’s ‘transparency?’ TSA agent pulled the family aside to screen Lucy Forck’s wheelchair and to ‘swab’ her mobile device. Luck was also not allowed to hold on to her stuffed animal ‘Lamby.’

Yes, three year old girls in wheelchairs are now fitting the profile for the TSA to screen for terrorism, while real terrorists laugh right on to planes. BTW, I especially want to say a big FU to George W. Bush for creating the TSA in the first place!

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