Something to hide Chucky? Hagel continues to block access to his archive at University of Nebraska-Omaha


Obviously anti-Semite Chuck Hagel has something to hide. Obama’s nominee to be Secretary of Defense nominee Chuck Hagel continues to block access to his archive at the University of Nebraska-Omaha.

There are piles of papers, speeches, and multimedia by or about Hagel at the university. Yet reporters are barred from seeing them. Hagel spokesman Marie Harf blathered, “Chuck Hagel’s record in the Senate is well documented in the public domain. Given his extraordinary disclosures to date, which surpass the threshold applied to nominees, there is no need to make this archived material public.”

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  • Steve Brent

    why not chucky. you think ur obamao?

  • amazingoly

    Are his bags under his eyes growing daily? Let’s pass on him.