As expected, spineless Republicans cave – Chuck Hagel has enough votes to be confirmed now

chuck-hagel-jew-haterNext up for the cowardly Republicans to cave on? Either Taliban Brennan or Obama’s sequestration. Chuck Hagel, the anti-Semite, incompetent idiot who was a disaster during Senate hearings now has five Republicans who will vote for cloture on him, as the latest worthless RINO, Alabama’s Richard Shelby announced he will vote yes for cloture on Hagel. After that, all Hagel needs is 51 votes to be confirmed with 55 Democrats in the Senate, so it’s a done deal. The other four ‘Republicans’ who voted last week for cloture on Hagel are Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, Mike Johanns and Mississippi RINO Thad Cochran. Even tea-party backed Senate candidate in the last election Deb Fischer will vote for Hagel. No matter what happens, they always betray you.

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