‘Lethal Weapon’ leftist and hypocrite Danny Glover says US should ‘abolish guns’ (VIDEO)

democrat-logoHollywood hack Danny Glover has made millions of dollars starring in third rate movies such as ‘Lethal Weapon.’ Yet the same Danny Glover who has made millions of dollars from movies that involved ‘gun violence’ now wants this country to ‘abolish all guns.’ If that were to happen, how would a two bit hack like Danny Glover earn a living? Oh, that’s right. He’s already earned his money off guns, so now it doesn’t matter. This is where Limbaugh’s ‘ashamed’ comments today come into focus. I’m not ashamed of my country. I”m ashamed of the people who inhibit and and actually spend their hard earned money to watch crap pumped out of Hollywood with two bit hacks like Danny Glover, and think that opinions of these idiots actually matter.

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