BloombergVille – New York City push to sweep the streets of dangerous, mentally ill

nanny-bloomberg-nazi-hitlerSo Michael Bloomberg is going to get off the streets finally? He’s going to get all of his leftist minions off the streets? Supposedly New York City is planning a ‘scoop the nuts’ campaign that will get the so called ‘dangerous and mentally ill off the streets.’ Who’s going to be included in this? Those who dare smuggle in a 32oz Big Gulp? Rogue food eaters who use too much salt? This should be really fun.

Those warrants mean that the patients are not wanted for a crime but instead are being sought because they are not getting their court-ordered treatment.

There are a handful of cops assigned to the detail, which began working in the past few weeks, the source said.

Cops in the NYPD’s Real Time Crime Center are using high-tech methods to first track down the individuals, and detectives on the street have been assigned to then go after them and take them to hospitals, law-enforcement sources said.

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