Tens of Thousands turn out for Day of Resistance to protest Democrat gun grab with pictures and videos

barrelofgunDay of Resistance saw tens of thousands turn out across the country to protest the Marxist Democrat gun grabbing. No media seems to think that this event is worth media coverage. Amazingly, there was a lot of turnout in several California cities. I say strange because California is the anti-gun, leftist cesspool of the country.

Here is a great video of a speaker in Denver, ground zero lately for the leftist nut job gun grab.


Arizona state capitol:

Idaho state capitol:

Ventura, California (in-between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara):

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  • http://twitter.com/jimpook Jim Pook

    Well done my American friends. Don’t let them shaft you like they did us in Canada – We have been fighting for 18 years to roll back our horrid gun control laws. It took 17 just to get rid of long-gun registration. We still have federal licensing which is even worse than registration – it is registration of gun-owners.
    We still have hi-cap mag prohibitions (5-shot) for AR-15’s, Mini-14’s etc.
    Keep up the fight!