Aww. CBS hack and Obama licker Bill Plante whines about Obama undercutting the First Amendment, says it’s state-run media (Video)

cbsAww. Poor Obama licker and CBS licker Bill Plante. I guess he never got his Obama/Tiger Woods golfing picture that he wanted so badly, so now he’s mad. He’s whining that the Obama regime is ‘undercutting the First Amendment’ with the way the White House press corps are being treated and that today it’s basically just a state-run media. No kidding? That’s what I and many others have been saying for 5 years now. Guess what else Bill Plante, you and your network are a part of the problem that has allowed Obama to undercut the First Amendment, and allow this state run media. Spare us the crocodile tears. The only problem with Plante making his comments today, are that he made them on CNN, so no one saw it.

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