For some reason, Michelle Obama announces Argo as the winner of best picture at Oscars (Video) – Media swoons

cbs-nbc-abc-obama-logosDid you know Michelle Obama was an award presenter at the Oscars now too? After a busy time partying in Hawaii, then Colorado, fat cakes Michelle Obama is back. After her ‘Evolution of mom dancing’ shtick on Fallon, tonight she announced the Oscar for best picture going to Argo. Quite the crowd tonight. Barbara Streisand, Hanoi Jane Fonda and Michelle Obama. The media of course swooned at Michelle Obama, not the actual award. Below is the video of Michelle Obama’s Oscar crash. BTW, does anyone find it a tad ironic that Michelle Obama gave an award to a movie about an American embassy rescue? Think about it. Except the media to spend the next week drooling over this.

Who knew the award presenter at the Oscars was breaking news, and not the actual award winner Argo?

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