Nanny Bloomberg aka Mayor Poppins bans 2-liter soda with pizza orders and some nightclub mixers

nanny-bloomberg-nazi-hitlerNanny Bloomberg aka Mayor Poppins crusade against evil soda continues. If you like ohaving your pizza delivered and getting the 2-litter soda with your order, you’re now shit out of luck in you live in New York City. Nanny Bloomberg has now decided to ban 2-liter sodas, screwing up pizza businesses that include this as a part of your meal deal. Also, March 12th, on, any restaurant who dares sell larger than a 16 oz sugary drink will face a fine of $200 per drink. This means no mean pictures of soda at your kids birthday party in NYC.

If you get bottle service at a city nightclub or restaurant, you cannot also get a carafe of cranberry juice like the one hostess Maggie is serving up here at Le Souk Harem in the West Village. Tonic water and other beverages are also limited, even though they are only used as mixers.

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  • No Way

    Stupid New Yorkers deserve what they voted for. How about to ban peeing more that a pint? How about a tax on outhouse?How about FU?

  • amazingoly

    Seriously, he does not have the “power” to dictate all of this crap to the taxpayers who foot his bills.

  • PrznPlanetRefuG

    Pardon my French but FUCKK OFF BLOOMBERG!!! If you are sio fucking concerned about the health of the people you are bankrupting ban GMOs and aspartame you cock monkey. You dictator PIG. You have RUINED my city. YOU forced out the midddle class and left a island of self entitled welfare losers and whiny, self. Loathing liberals. No in between. Hey anybody want to visit NYC? I can save u the money. Or the $165 ticket for “blocking” a handi capped ramp which is about 4′ wide by having ur bumber be LITERALLY 1/2″ inch over the yellow. Or $100 ticket for helping ur wife 5 feet from the door to ur car after getting dialysis. Or santa delivering toys to the needy also receives a 100 ticket. These things happened in the past few months. Here is a visual post card: let’s say 86th street. Yo will find: NY sports club, chase bank, cvs, citibank, starbucks and a deli or two. Next block: repeat. Next block: repeat. Next block: repeat. This jizz pump bloomberg has made things so unaffordable in my home town, that individuals such s me can no longer start a business. Have 20k per month for rent?and then the con ed commercial electric rate which is about ten times higher than the second most expensive consumer utility bills in the country? Neither do I, but boombergs cronie capital buddies and all these lame chain stores do. NYC is now completely devoid of charcter. No cute shops, unique finds, funky crafts, etc. Gone, gone, gone. it’s dead here. There is no creativity, only lazy welfare slugs clammering for more. And then there are the liberals. They wreak their own brand of havoc on my city.
    I am moving, along with the mass exodus of the middle class. I am moving upstate and we are taking our healthy six figure income with us. FUCK YOU BLOOMBERG.