Nanny Bloomberg aka Mayor Poppins bans 2-liter soda with pizza orders and some nightclub mixers

nanny-bloomberg-nazi-hitlerNanny Bloomberg aka Mayor Poppins crusade against evil soda continues. If you like ohaving your pizza delivered and getting the 2-litter soda with your order, you’re now shit out of luck in you live in New York City. Nanny Bloomberg has now decided to ban 2-liter sodas, screwing up pizza businesses that include this as a part of your meal deal. Also, March 12th, on, any restaurant who dares sell larger than a 16 oz sugary drink will face a fine of $200 per drink. This means no mean pictures of soda at your kids birthday party in NYC.

If you get bottle service at a city nightclub or restaurant, you cannot also get a carafe of cranberry juice like the one hostess Maggie is serving up here at Le Souk Harem in the West Village. Tonic water and other beverages are also limited, even though they are only used as mixers.

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