The obligatory Seth Macfarlane knock on the ‘Christian’ Right at the Oscars takes awhile to materialize

democrat-logoForgive me, I have no interest in watching the Hollywood crapfest of the Oscars. I suppose I could watch the Oscars,, but instead I was busy watching grass grow and paint dry instead. I also peek on Twitter every once awhile, and noticed that Seth Macfarlane took his usual crack at Christians, or the ‘Christian’ Right. Macfarlane has one claim to fame in his otherwise useless life. He created Family Guy that had a couple of funny shows years ago.

“He’s a boy wizard and she’s a girl vampire. Together, they are pretty much everything the Christian Right thinks is wrong about Hollywood.”

I’m not going to bother waiting for Macfarlane to knock the Muslim ‘anything,’ because I know he is too much of a coward to do so.

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