After leaving dismembered baby parts in botched abortion in Colorado, Planned Parenthood closes four abortionmills in Wisconsin

plannedparenthoodBoo hoo sniff. Abortion mill Planned Parenthood is closing four abortion mills in Wisconsin due to budget cuts. This comes on the heals of a lawsuit filed by a women in Colorado who says that she became ill after a botched abortion in her state was found to leave dismembered baby parts inside of her womb. Leftists of course are all in a tizzy now. Not about the baby parts left inside a women, but the mere fact that budget cuts is forcing four abortion mills to close in Wisconsin.

“The four centers that we are closing have been a part of our communities for up to 35 years,” said Deb Lidbury, nurse practitioner at the soon to close Shawano clinic. “It is disheartening to know that these services will be stopped by those with a political agenda.”

Yea, imagine all those baby parts that could have been left inside a woman’s womb. Things are really tough in Wisconsin these days.

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