Well done Hollywood and Obama! 9/11 families upset over ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ recordings

obama-faceThe Obama regime gave classfied information to the creators of Zero Dark Thirty in order to try and boost his ‘ability’ to be commander in chief. The movie was originally scheduled to be released before the election as propaganda for Obama, but since Romney let him off the hook it turned out it didn’t matter that the release was delayed. Now, families of 9/11 victims are upset (and rightfully so) that the propaganda film is using their loved ones who will killed on 9/11/01 to push their movie and and be propaganda for Obama.

The film starts with actual voices of victims of September 11, recorded as they made their last phone calls. For Mary and Frank Fetchet, it brings back painful memories. One of those voices was their son Brad, who worked on the 89th floor of the World Trade Center’s South Tower.

“When I arrived home I found Brad’s message on our phone, and, of course, these were his last words in my view, because we never heard from him again,” Mary said.

“Losing a loved one so horribly — the ongoing anguish we’ve been going through — it’s a treasured remembrance, it’s a treasured message. It’s ours,” Frank said.

They say that treasured remembrance was used in the film without their permission.

“My first thought was, ‘isn’t anything sacred anymore?'” Mary said.

Here’s a simple answer for you Mary. No, nothing is sacred anymore under this regime.

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