American flag lays on the ground as Joe Biden’s advance team sets up anti second amendment propaganda event at Western Connecticut State University (PICTURE)

american-flag1Joe Biden is off for yet another anti second amendment propaganda at Western Connecticut State University. Here is a quick picture of what they think of the American flag as they prepare for Biden’s propaganda:

Here’s another picture:

God bless America!

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  • PastorBobCeleste

    435 members of Congress, 9 members of the US Supreme Court and One illegal alien in the white house have declared war on the 330,000,000 US Citizens, and the 330 million do nothing to stop them.

  • DeadBuffalo Podcast

    Just on the ground? I’m surprised it wasn’t crapped on then set ablaze.

  • Patriot2theCore

    Source? Confirmation?

  • Mike B. Martisko

    I don’ like seeing the flag disgraced or abused, but accidents do happen. A video of people walking around it, while it lays there would be more effective. This is simply a picture of a flag laying on the floor, but there doesn’t seem to be anybody around. I display my own flag daily, I put it outside in the morning, and take it down in the evening. Now, if something would happen, that caused the Flag to end up on the ground, without my knowledge, and it layed there, for even one minute, would I then be accused of abusing the flag. This appears to be a tactic of the left, take a snapshot and build a story around it. If there were people standing around, or walking over, or past it, then I would be outraged, or if the pic showed someone purposefully droping it on the floor, but a picture of a Flag on the floor, or the ground as is being said here, is just that. Without some evidence of intent, or deliberate effort to leave the Flag on the floor, I am going to withhold judgement.

  • Constitution Warrior

    I spoke with the person who took these pics. They are indeed real and there are more. He tried to pick it up and was told to leave it alone. He told them it shouldn’t be left on the ground and Biden’s Team laughed at him