Bob Woodward getting tired of Obama on MSNBC over sequester: ‘Madness That I Haven’t Seen In A Long Time’ (Video)

obama_evil_eyeOne of the mean who took down Richard Milhouse Nixon is Bob Woodward. 40 years later, Nixon like corruption in the White House is going on again, expect the rest of the media doesn’t seem to be interested in covering. Woodward, who revealed that Obama and Jack Lew came up with the idea of sequestration in the first place is getting rather frustrated with Obama’s scare tactics. Woodword went on to say that what’s going on with Obama now over the sequesration is ”Madness That I Haven’t Seen In A Long Time.’ He made his comments on MSNBC’s Morning SLOW (Joe) program, and you could hear the gasps from them as he said that.

MSNBC should have taped the interview so they could have deceptively edited out Woodword’s comments.

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