Republicans roll over again, Senate confirms Jack Lew to be Treasury secretary 71-26

jack-lew-treasuryAgain, after all the big talk about how corrupt Jack Lew is, and how they will either hold up his nomination, or not confirm him, the slimy Jack Lew with the Hostess Cupcake signature has been confirmed with east by the Senate 71-26. Lew replaces an equally slimy and corrupt Tim Geithner. Up next, Jihad is a Legit tenement of Islam John Brennan.

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  • Jack Lew Jewish

    Jack Lew, just another corrupt Jew for the treasury.

    • Chuck Hagel Buttplug

      So what if Jack Lew is Jewish? All politicians these days regardless of religion are corrupt bastards. You sound like a Paultard

  • Bob Miller

    This gives PATRIOTS a list of THOSE to FIRE from the HILL.

    71 Traitors to ALL AMERICANS.

  • Edster

    Why do “we” keep putting greasy jews in our financial institutions be it the Fed or SecTreas, etc? Aren’t we trillions in debt to them, already? Time for pitchforks and torches in the night…IMO.