Wah! Democrats Maxine Waters and Keith Ellison now whining about presence of debt clock on Capitol Hill (Video)

maxine-dirty-watersThis is just so ironic, and hypocritical it hurts. Corrupt leftist Democrats like Maxine Water and Keith Ellison (who seems to be anger management problems) don’t like the presence of debt clock on Capitol Hill. Why? Not because it reminds them of their own policies that have caused this country to incur $16.5 trillion in debt that will eventually have to be paid for by our kids and grand-kids, but because it’s ‘ideological’ and according to Ellison, it’s using a ‘political prop.’ Really now Mullah Ellison? Political props? You mean like your buddy Obama uses for every press conference he gives to push his socialist agenda?

At least Mullah Ellison was able to keep his anger under control this time.

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