Feeling your pain – tours stopped but White House ‘Chief Calligrapher’ Patricia A. Blair, gets $96,725 tax payer dollars – her two deputies: Debra S. Brown paid $85,953 per year and Richard T. Muffler, who gets paid $94,372 every year

obama_snobHey, maybe we can cut up the White House ‘official calligrapher’ and her two deputies from the budget to save money and allow public tours of the White House. The White House ‘Chief Calligrapher’ Patricia A. Blair gets paid $96,725 per year on your tax dollars. Patricia Blair also has two deputies being paid with your tax dollars Debra Brown who is paid $85,953 per year Richard Muffler, who is paid $94,372 per year. That’s $277,050 right there that can be cut from the budget. Nah, makes too much sense. BTW, can someone also explain why Patricia Blair’s female deputy is paid less than her male counterpart? War on women?

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